At What Point is Crowdsourcing Just Plain Laziness?


I am part of a community of sharers! “The knowledge is in the group!” is what we have been saying for the 14 years I have been an independent school technologist. I agree with that wholeheartedly and preach it, teach it, live it (copyright gmd 2012). However, a question came on a listserve that made me ask the question “At what point is crowdsourcing just plain laziness?”

The question that came into question was about iPad apps. I have had the fortune of having a three year head start on researching mobile devices. As a result, I can be considered at the expert level. But more importantly, I have worked with my colleagues and shared all my knowledge with them and built a real community around teaching with iPads and mobile devices. Recently, a question came into the listserve asking for a list of iPad apps that people are using in their first and second grade classrooms. When I have this kind of “give me ALL of your KNOWLEDGE” kind of question, I do the following: I google it, I read reviews and I try things out.  When I do tweet or use a listserve, my questions are more focused and specific like “Has anyone discovered a great app for 3-D sculpturing on the iPad? I am using … and think … “. Usually, I have some frame of reference and I feel like I can begin an exchange as opposed to these types of parasitic questions. Crowdsourcing is developing “Tech Parasites” (copyright SpecialKRB 2012). Or is it me?

Chime in and let me know your thought….

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