1st Graders Know All the Answers! (Learning Apps through understanding Senses and Symbols)

The five senses are a powerful tool for learning. In the primary grades, students are taught to rely on their senses to learn and solve questions. We often ask “What do you notice?” so students can infer understandings based on what they see. I use this approach during my lessons.

There are so many symbols that students process without thinking. In this lesson, I made them aware of this. Through viewing a slide show of familiar symbols (stop signs, walk signals, + for addition), the students understood that they can figure out how to do familiar steps if they recognized the symbols apparent in all apps. Plus sign (+) means add in Mathematics and add in apps! Picture icon means one could access their pictures in an app. A camera icon meant I could take a picture within this app. And the new one is the Dropbox icon — which means I can access my dropbox files.

Students used Dropbox and Explain Everything to create number strings using images of 20 frame number representations that were stored in their class dropbox account.

Symbols they recognized:

+ means I can create a new project

+ means I can create a new slide

Image icon to add images using camera roll, camera or dropbox

Record button

If this information transfers to other apps, 1st Graders will know all the answers!


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